June 15th, 2018

Pine Valley Summer Camp Highlight

Tuesday morning we started up the trail on foot, water bottles and backpacks in tow.  To the top of the mountain, with the promise of a great view, time with God and the accomplishment of completing the trail.

Even early in the morning, the trail was warm, and some of our kids were unsure they would be able to make it the whole way.  At each discouragement, a leader stopped with them and prayed, encouraged them to take one more step, one more hill, that they could do this.  Surely enough, every kid made it up to the top of the mountain.

When we settled, we talked about what they had just done – conquered this hike, and made it to the top to enjoy the beauty of this view.  We talked about trusting God, and all He asks is for you to take the next step, to say yes to him and have faith.  This moment was shared again and again, as an example of what it looks like to trust the Lord, and follow Jesus.

Wednesday night the gospel message was shared, and by the end of the week every kid stood up to receive the love of Jesus with tears in their eyes, and hope in their hearts.

On the last day we each shared our favorite part of camp.  One girl shared her favorite moment was the hike, which she thought she couldn’t conquer, but leaders encouraged her again and and again and she made it to the top of the mountain.  She realized she is able to achieve more than she thought, and God is always there to help her along the path, to take just one more step.

We were all shown the love of Jesus this week, just how big His heart is for us, and how much He loves all His little children.  Leaders hearts were just as melted as the kids, and we came down the mountain a changed team.

Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, staff, and prayer warriors who make these camps possible.  We just couldn’t even express the level of gratitude we have for you.  Tears in our eyes, and hope in our hearts – we thank you with everything we have.

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