Our current
Safety Plan

HLA’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

We want to ensure you and your family that we are staying up to date with the county and state’s COVID-19 regulations. As Christ followers, we do everything in our power to honor and respect those in authority and HLA would never want to put anyone’s health in danger. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as guidelines frequently change. As we continue to do everything in our control to protect your physical health, we believe it’s just as important to nurture your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, so that is our goal.

The State of California’s current guidance for Day Camps to safely operate during the pandemic can be found here.–en.pdf

While we do our best to stay informed and adhere to local mandates, here’s a snapshot of what HLA precautions currently look like:

Wellness checks – Students and parents must verify they have not had any COVID symptoms within the last 48 hours, have not been around anyone within the last 14 days that is COVID positive and that they don’t have any current COVID tests pending results. Official CDC signage is displayed. Temperatures are taken and documented with a no-touch thermometer.

Promotes Healthy Hygiene – Through masks, constant access to sanitizer and frequent hand washing, we’re doing our part to reduce the spread of germs, while continuing to allow students to participate in social activities.

Reduced Group Sizes – We’ve greatly reduced the number of students we allow to participate in our program.

Minimal Physical Contact – We enforce social distancing to the best of our ability. Snacks are purchased and distributed in individual packages to limit handling.

Enhanced Disinfection – We use UV light sanitizer wands that have a 99.99% sterilization rate to disinfect highly trafficked areas and items. From vans seats to art supplies, our UV wands destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in harmful bacteria.

Clear Communication – We are in close communication with HLA students and parents to keep them updated if any incidents occur. Staff and parents are expected to self-report symptoms and promptly make HLA aware if anyone has been exposed to COVID-19.

Alternative Activities – HLA has transitioned a majority of it’s programs from the classroom to the great outdoors. When the pandemic closed schools and limited indoor gatherings, we found the most effective way to engage our students was through outdoor, socially distanced adventures. We’ve learned to utilize nature as an alternative open-air meeting space.

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