Academy Coordinator
Jenn grew up in New Jersey but have lived all over the SouthEast over the last 18 years.  She and her family move every 3 years to a new Marine Corps base and that is what brought her to California. Jenn found her calling for helping others as a teenager and volunteering at my church’s outreach program.  Her youth pastor had served in the Marine Corps and shared the opportunity to help others on a larger scale and she knew that was something she wanted to do.
Even as a child her family was able to lean on their community for help and those times of kindness stayed with me. When Jenn left the military, she pursed a degree in a field that allowed her to help others in an official capacity. She felt very fortunate and volunteered at HLA, while completing her internship.
Jenn loves to camp and go hiking with her family.  She also enjoys volunteering at shelters in her down time.  She has a passion for arts and crafts and loves going to sidewalk art shows. One interesting fact is that her family enjoys small living and live in our RV near the beach!

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