January 24th, 2018

Meet Lisbeth

We want to spend more of this year sharing stories throughout our Academy’s, sharing the impact that you are having in this beautiful city, and in the lives of these incredible students.

Meet Lisbeth! She is new to the HLA Academy, and was quite shy upon arrival, independent and reserved however you could tell she was absorbing everything around her.  A few months in, her mom mentioned to one of our Coordinators that she was coming home and telling her all she’s learning at the Academy, about God, her friends, and the activities she was participating in.  A few months later, our program director, Paul Velazquez, had a similar interaction with her mom, “She’s a different kid coming home, she’s found a new faith for God.”

Lisbeth began to share with the students at Laurel Elementary that she wanted a specific job for her mom, and wanted to pray that God would give it to her mom. After a few days, the other students began to pray as well, and as time passed they never forgot to pray for Lisbeth’s mom.

We are excited to say, that just a few weeks ago Lisbeth’s mom got the job! We are ecstatic for Lisbeth and her mom, but also for just how sweetly God answers our prayers. Especially those of an entire classroom, that embraced a young girl into their group with open arms, and took her prayer on as their own.

Lisbeth shared at the Night of Hope how telling people about Jesus is like playing the Blob (a game similar to tag). The more people you tag, the more people know Him.

In the words of Lisbeth, “I want to be able to create the biggest Jesus blob that I can”

Laurel Elementary - Goodbye to Brandon

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